Last long run

Posted on: 06 Oct 2015



Got to start by saying a massive congratulation’s to team AOB on what they achieved last weekend a simply fantastic achievement and the blogs well they speak for themselves. Now 102 miles is of course a bloody long way now with the help of the lap top I decide how far those 102 miles would take me towards Hawkesbury and the homes of those giants. I’ve got to admit that I was pretty astounded by the results, from my front door it would take me all the way to the Weston Super Mare junction of the M5 and not a stile or gate to negotiate. I can’t wait to hear the first hand account of their journey’s on our road trip up to Snowdon in a little over 2 weeks time.


Ah Snowdon and time for the last big one. After the back to back 20 milers I eased back for a couple of weekends with a hillier runs but slightly shorter at 16 (1700 ft) and 18 miles (all but 1800 ft). Now it was time for the last big week a hilly (700 ft) 6.5 miles on Monday. A quicker 9.5 miles on Wednesday and then a pretty standard 5 miler with the running club on Thursday. Saturday brought the last long one and I managed to get a full 22 miles in, I was so fortunate to have 4 friends from the running club run the last 20 miles with me. I met them after running the 2 miles to Bev’s house and I was under the impression that they would run with me for as long as they were comfortable with and then make there way home to leave me to run the last little bit solo. But know they done the whole 20 miles all the more surprising that John and Dave had completed a Iron Man less the a fort night ago Bev hadn’t run more than 14 miles since July and Ian who seems to have the ability to run and run and never get out of breath or fatigued. The run was pretty much spot on cool to start with before gradually warming up clear blue skies and with a nice cooling breeze. Nothing to challenging with the route just a steady plod up onto the edge of the Moors via the disused railway track. Then a quick stop before the return leg which is mainly down hill nothing very steep but just enough to be able to pick up the pace. We even managed a couple of sub 8 min miles. As always the last couple of miles were tough but were done and I finished feeling pretty good. Pretty good that I’m fortunate enough to have such people who gave up their morning to run 20 miles for no other reason than to make it easier for me and pretty good that this was by far the best long run I’d had in a long time and what a great way to finish off a 43 mile week.


So am I ready for Snowdon who knows. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the miles in but as for the climbs I think they’re going to be my down fall. I guess its going into the unknown I’ve never been to that part of the world and while I’ve seen the pictures and watched the programme a number of times I don’t think they do true justice to what lies ahead. Of course the big bonus I do have is being part of team real buzz and that counts for so much. With out this site and you special lot on here I wouldn’t have dreamt to enter such a run. Whilst we’re on about running just a quick mention about my daughter who along with her Sports Studies class are undertaking the Commando Challenge on Sunday. This is a 10k run which sees them take on some of the obstacles from the Royal Marine commando course. Not sure she really knows what she has let herself in for but one for sure she’s going to get wet and muddy.


Finally best of luck to all of you running up in York at the weekend what ever you goals what ever your targets BELIEVE folks. Take care out there.

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