A Big Fat Reject

Posted on: 05 Oct 2014

Well no real surprise with the reject magazine that turned up this week I just find the whole thing a little bit frustrating but it may be a blessing in disguise more about that later. Things at the running club weren't much better with,as far as I know only 2 people getting in through the ballot.

Training wise this week has been ok 2 half decent sessions. First one consisted of 4 x 1 miles splits at  pace, very tough but a good feeling afterwards, second one was a 5 mile club run took my disappointment out and a couple of the miles dipped under the 7 min mile pace. I also ran a 7 miler on Wednesday which was a bit of a struggle not really sure why. Finally managed a 12 mile solo run yesterday which was ok but the last 2 miles were tough. But i did bump into the chap i ran last years great Oggy run with and somebody I hadn't seen for a while great to spend a mile or so with him and put the world to rights.

And so on today rugby with my son this morning and another victory for the boys and he continues to improve with every game but he still absolutely loves it. Then this afternoon we went and helped out one of the Daves with his bag pack for his charity London place at our local Morrisons. I'll probably end up keeping him company during some of those long old winter training runs.


I've just heard about Jenny's brave efforts in Chester tough call to make but definately the right one all made more difficult because she's been running so well. Hats off to you Jenny and rest well.


Well the blessing in disguise with the London rejection is that we've got a family holiday booked to Florida for next easter with believe it or not Virgin. Pity it didn't include a bloody marathon place !!!!!

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