Its Nearly Time

Posted on: 21 Oct 2015

Its nearly time folks the bags are packed just need to get the last of the supplies and then by this time tomorrow I should be well on my way to meeting up with the HU massive. Thanks very much for putting me up HOBS.  I'm looking forward to catching up and hearing first hand all about the Cotswold Way challenge.

Then on Friday morning we''ll head on up to Llanberis. Now I've never been to this part of the world before and although I've seen the videos, pictures, read about it (including last year blogs several times over) and heard about it but I still don't think I really know what to expect. I'm ready to be blown away to be quite honest and full of nervous anticipation.


And I cant wait. I can't wait to meet you amazing lot, I can't wait to meet people I'm fortunate and proud to call friends, I can't wait to meet friends old and new, I can't wait to see Snowdon in all of her glory, I can't wait to stand on that start line, I can't for the look from each and everyone of you, I can't wait for the off, I can't wait for the next 26 and a bit miles, I can't wait for the cameradirie, I can't wait for the smiles, I can't wait for the last turn, I can't wait for the finish, I can't wait for the hugs and tears, I can't wait for the storeis, I can't wait for you heros to finish your journeys, I can't wait for the KING OF WALES to finish his own very personal battle, I can't wait for the after show party. I JUST CANT WAIT.

In other news the last couple of weeks have been pretty full on with the standard taper madness. Picked up a couple of niggles, managed to strain the old stomach muscles whilst doing some core work which seem to be ok again and I also managed to tweak the calf last week which was something and nothing until I felt it again this morning but hey that s pretty standard fair for us lot and all adds to the excitement.

Thanks for all your comments on my daughters commando challenge she absloutely loved it, not sure if it was being covered in mud soaking wet and absolutely soaking wet or the 'FIT' Royal Marines who were helping them round. Her team raised well over 1200 pounds. She certainly appreciates what young men of a similar age to herself put themselves through to achieve their green beret.

Have a great weekend out there folks what ever you're doing, stay safe,take care and enjoy.





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