And So The Madness Begins

Posted on: 23 Mar 2014

Good evening one and all and I hope you are all recovering well from your weekend exertions, as always everyones battles continue to inspire across the site.

Cant really believe we're that close now,it just seems to have come round really quickly and the past couple of weeks have flown by. Taper time is again one of the big milestone in everyones journey we just need to stick to those plans and keep level heads and just try and avoid the madness that can set in.

This week week the training has gone pretty much to plan. Last Sunday morning i ran my normal 5.5 mile recovery run, only in reverse just to try and freshen things up. Then on Monday night I ran my threshold session 1 mile warm up followed by 5 x 1 mile with 0.5 mile recoveries followed by a mile warm down. 9.5 miles at a 7.32 mile average. Tuseday was a rest day, and got on on the bike on Wednesday for the commute. Club session on Thursday hilly 8 mile route at a 7.36 average. Treated myself to another rest day on Friday before yesterdays big one.

Four of us set off Dave,his son James and Bev.We headed into through the town centre before heading out towards Dartmoor. Conditions weren't to bad breezy and a bit fresh but dry. The first half seemed to go on for ages not sure why other than the fact its a continued steady climb and it was getting colder the higher we went. By the time we got to the turn around point it was obvious that James was struggling a bit. Fortunately the majority of the return run was down hill. When we got to the 18 mile mark James and Dave said they were going to slow down a bit so myself and Bev pushed on for home. Bev's really easy to run with very even pace, keeps you focussed and is full of encouragement and is one hell of a tough cookie we even manage a bit of a Kenyan finish 7.50,7.53,7.51 and 8.02 for the last 4 miles So 22 miles done and dusted in a 8.04 average. Must admit I was absolutely shattered come the end, just need to find those last few precious miles come the day.

Today we've spent the day at a Rugby tournament with my son in Paighton. He's only been playing for a couple of weeks and he's really enjoying it and the coaches have been brilliant with him and getting involved with the team. He managed to get a couple of games which was brilliant for his confidence.  And to top it all they won the tournament and he is now the proud owner of a medal what a bonus and a very proud pair of parents.

Rest and recover well and don't try to do too much. Take care.


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