Another Late Catch Up

Posted on: 23 Mar 2016


I can’t quite believe that yet another month has flown by since my last post, but as always team real buzz continues to defy the odds and pushes the boundries yet further and faster. How can you fail to be inspired by the challenges and the achievements that are so regularly undertaken and completely smashed, it certainly helps get the backside out the door.

Running wise things have been going ok and touch wood I’ve managed to stay relatively injury free. The calves and hammy’s get tight particularly after the interval sessions and the roller of pain has made a unwelcomed return how can foam be so damned painful. The ankles, hips and particularly the knees joints continue to voice there displeasure at all extra miles they’re being forced through at the moment especially after back to back days but its certainly manageable and nothing like the pain other force themselves through.

The tempo and threshold runs are being completed often through gritted teeth and with absolutely no love some are on target, some are over target and occasionally a set when we’re under target. The long runs have also been done last week was my third 20 miler and for the first time in a couple of weeks I got to run it with some others. Myself and Bev done the full distance we picked up 2 runners at 5 miles and another 3 for the last 10 miles which helped so much and undoubtedly help bring the run pace down to a 8 min mile for the whole run. It couldn’t have been more different to the 20 miler I done on my own a fortnight earlier. I had to run solo on the Friday as we were away on a rugby tour with my son’s team for the weekend. Things were going ok nothing dramatic just a steady plod in a world of my own until about mile 16 when I noticed a darkening of the skies which just looked like trouble. Then the hail hit really intense and the wind just picked up out of nowhere I managed to put some of the speed work to good use and got some sort cover against some trees. It didn’t last a particularly long time but I started to get cold I ‘m sure the temperature dropped several degrees in a short space of time. The hail then gave way to a snow/sleet combination that stayed with me for the rest of the run. It certainly wasn’t forecast. I ‘ve got to admit things got really tough all my extremities got really cold and I got quite concerned I was only in a shorts with a t-shirt and base layer. Still it got done eventually but I don’t think I ‘ve spent so long in a shower just trying to get warm.


So I’m on a bit of a ease back week at the moment before the last big week next week and a dreaded scheduled 22 miler before the taper hits which coincides with a week away in a cottage with friends in deepest darkest Cornwall well just outside Polzeath. Good walking country and the chance to run somewhere away from the norm, I may even have to hit the trails.


Keep believing in your training, keep believing in your ability, stay safe out there and ENJOY.

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