The Ultra Attempt Is On

Posted on: 03 Jun 2016

What an epic challenge Angus the Brave completed so successfully last weekend a true warrior, true buzzer and could the famous baton have been in safer hands. Im so pleased for what he achieved and to be honest in awe of him.

I have got my own challenge at the weekend on Saturday I'm going to be on the start line for the Dartmoor Discovery and at 32 miles this will be my first and almost definately last Ultra.

Since my last post I've managed to run 4 times, a couple of 4 milers, a 6 and 12 miles last weekend. Whilst the ribs have been getting ever so slightly better day on day when I put any seriously hard effort in running wise they complaining a whole lot more. I'm counting this as a blessing in disguise as it will hopefully keep my pace down.

As for the Ultra itself I'm so nervous, I feel woefully under prepared for the whole thing not sure what to expect from the body or mind. I guess the weather will also play its part at the moment its looking like warm and humid will the chance of thunder, ideal conditions, not.

Take it easy out there and enjoy yourselves.

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