Upping the runs too early?

Posted on: 07 Nov 2008

Hi everyone Went for my 3rd run of the week last night - felt pretty good but hip a bit sore (due to running on roads I guess?). Have done 16 miles this week, but is this a bit OTT this early?. Reason I ask as this is my 1st time training for the Marathon and you lot seem far more experienced than me!. I've read that running on grass/fields/anything other than roads is better - any advice much appreciated. Sorry to sound a bit crass - does anyone else have a problem with, ahem... flatulance after they run? (yeeeurch). I resemble a pit pony who's been eating cabbage all week. Save's the missus dusting the hard to reach places I suppose (I often get "Do you have to do that in here?"). The big bad wolf had problems blowing down the 3rd pigs brick house, but I don't think I'd have too much of a problem!. Off for another 6 miler saturday or sunday so will keep you posted. Have a great weekend all!!

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