Posted on: 05 Nov 2008

Hi everyone!

Well, this is a first on 2 counts - my first ever blog (I'm 36 & surely should of done one by now?) and my first entry to the London Marathon. Bloody hell what was I thinking of!!.

Seemed like a good idea applying in March - once the application came back I had a mixture of elation and flatulance!. On a serious note it's something I've always wanted to do, and despite the dread of the cold winter runs, am really looking forward to it.

Have been running for the last 3 weeks and am gradually stepping up the distance from 4miles to 6. Calves a bit stiff, but hopefully will improve over time. Am trying to get out 3 times a week at mo, but with trying to fit in kids clubs and moving house (am I nuts??) will try to up it as the weeks go by (I hope).

Good luck to all of you - reading your stories makes me feel bettre knowing I'm not on my own - Keep going all!!

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