5 months and counting.....

Posted on: 28 Nov 2008

I've got ages yet, its 5 months away......hang on june didn't seem that long ago.. sshhh******t!! 4 miles incl sprints last night in 31:30, 8 miles tuesday in 1:08 and felt ok, compared to saturdays 8 miler when I felt like I was carrying a sack of cement on my back. Always feel better running in the evening as opposed to 8am weekend runs. Anyone else feel this way??. Wish the council would cut trees back. Unfortunately a long plank like me keeps catching the bloody low branches (I'm sure they're going to come alive & throw apples at me 1 day like the trees in The Wizard of Oz !!). I've finally sold my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bloody hell, thought it would never happen esp. with all the bad press going around. Exchanged last friday and have to be out by 15th Dec, when me, missus and boys will be moving in with the mother-in-law (ouch!!) for a month in between moves (luckily there's a gym round the corner to keep me out of the way) - Have to stick everything in storage which not looking forward to. Done a couple of car boots to get rid of all the kids old clothes/toys & other crap, then hopefully moving down to Fleet in January, so blogs will proably be few and far between, but I'll try to keep up. Fingers crossed all goes well and I'll enter for the Fleet HM in March, which looks good as big entry forecasted- Anyone done it and liked/disliked it?? THEN THE BIG ONE IN APRIL......Heeeeeeeeelp!! Happy running all

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