1st off roader

Posted on: 08 Nov 2008

Hi All,

Just been for my 1st run over fields and grass (usually go out on roads) and found it quite difficult as the ground is a bit spongy due to rain this week, so I'm guessing you have to use more 'push' to run?. What do I know?.

Went down by A40 in Northolt where there is a big hill that has a path all around it (good for the quads!) although 2nd time up felt difficult especially with the wind blowing straight in your mush!

Don't know how far I went but I was out for 50 minutes. Did feel like giving up half way but persevered and feel good for doing so, but boy it felt hard!. Haven't had the farts as of yet, but it's still early!!

Enough of my old pony - must go as have to take sons swimming, then football training, then to a swimming party (good to stretch stiff muscles) and finally a fireworks night tonight!!. Bloody hell, I'm going to ask the PM for introduction of compulsory 3 day weekends - where does the time go.

Have a good weekend all

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