Nothing to report but my misery....

Posted on: 12 Feb 2010

Hello all,

Well, I didn't really want to blog this week at all as feeling pretty miserbale but thought maybe if I write it down it might help.

Had Monday and Tuesday off to help legs recover from 12.4m on Sunday. Enjoyed a good 6m on Wednesday (59m 10s) but in all fairness I had taken two Ibuprofen. Went out yesterday to try and get 3m in, which I did (29m 50s) but was in so much pain. I hadn't taken Ibuprofen but then I felt I really shouldn't be dosing myself up for just three miles. So I am now sat here feeling very sore, with 3m adrift for the week and an impending 13m due to be done tomorrow. I also have a very sore neck after my mare was feeling particulary rude the other night and decided to try and push me over when I was getting her off the horse walker.

Anyway, aside from all that as some of you will remember I did, as promised, haul myself of to the doctors on Monday after the long run and am now waiting for an appointment for an MRI as something is clearly wrong with my legs.

Don't know what to do. Other than cry and thats not helping. Sorry about the tone of this post, its really miserable.

Right, I had better go before I do myself a whingeing injury as well!

Happy Training!



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