Wombleing around.......

Posted on: 11 Feb 2011

is slightly how I feel my training is going. After the last time I blogged, when I have just had a rather successful week, it did slightly go a askew. This was partly due to a weekend away in Lanzarote and also the workload seemed to get turned up ten fold. I consoled myself that when in Lanzarote I would swim everyday....this, thanks to the rain and wind while we were there didn't happen and so I can home feeling, well, to be honest just even more fat from not doing much other than eating and drinking.

Looking on the positive side before I went away I had begun to be aawre of the presence of his lordship 'Mr Shin - he who must be obeyed' and so the break, combined with not too much activity the week after as I was again away, seems to have seen him and his scurilous ways off for the time being!

So, trying to get back on track this week and have so far enjoyed a 3m, a fast 2m with stretch and strengthen afterwards and a very enjoyable (can't believe I am writing this) swim last night. It would seem I have finally mastered the art of front crawl, not with any particular panache at this stage, but I feel its definately a base to work on - yeay! To capitilise on my enthusiasm, and because I am also beginning to fret that I have bitten off more than I can chew, I have also put my cheque in the post to join the 'Conventry Spots' who are a local triathletes club which I am excited about.

I am planning a 3m run tonight and hopefully a cycle tomorrow with a 4m run on Sunday.

The one thing that is really bugging me is the weight problem, I just don't seem to be able to shift it - I am not really sure where it all came from and so quickly, but it seems reluctant to go back in the other direction! I didn't realise how much a little bit of weight would affect me, a) on a perfomance level and b) self conciously - I still haven't been to womens running network because I feel concious about it. This sounds silly when you write it down, I feel silly writing it, but I am eating healthily and excercising regularly and its just getting me down a bit and I sometimes think I look like a womble out running. There, whinge over...off to nibble on a rice cake..

Happy Training!



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