Posted on: 18 Mar 2010

I am definately feeling a little fatigued this week after the weekends effort, but to date the week has been going better than weeks past, so can't complain too much! On Tuedsay I went out with the Womens Running Group who had a 5m on the scedule, which was great as that fitted perfectly. Didn't time it but was approximately 5m in 50 mins and seemed a fair pace - especially towards the end when we all got very competitive and ended up sprinting through the park at the speed of 1000 Gazelles (well thats what it felt like) which gave the lungs a really good poke and we were all laughing alot when we finished at our inner competitiveness. I had run a little harder that I expected but hey there is no time for slacking at this stage! Mr Shin is really very disagreeable this week so I have a permenantly frozen leg apart from anything!

Last night Mr Higdon had 9m on my schedule and I have to admit I called it a night at 8m in 1hr 19m. I felt it was a decent run, bearing in mind I didn't get home until late and so by the time I went out to run it was gone 8pm, and my mind was desperate to turn round and go home all the way! I also could not believe how warm it was, and I noticed people looking at me in disgust more than usual as I ran through Leamington, when I got back my face was the colour of a beetroot (the joys of being ginger) and the sweat was pouring off me - Sping is Sprung!  Only down side was that the toad in the hole lovingly prespared my by other half and left in the oven for me was a bit more like toad in concrete Frown

So, I have a 4m left to do which I am determined to get in, as this is the first time in weeks I have managed to get near enough all my weekely mileage in. The weekend is going to be tight as I have 16m-18m (haven't decided which yet) to wedge in between Church, Marriage Lessons and Bridesmaid shoe shopping - but it was never going to be easy was it?!

Happy Training All!


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