Shiny Shoes!

Posted on: 05 Feb 2010

Well, now to be honest I love to have come on here and told you that my shins are fine and that running is all in order. Sadly, thats not quite the case but I am trying to live with it. So after my 7m on Sunday I had Monday off. On Tuesday I went to meet the nice womens running group again. Shins had felt fine all day but as soon as I started they were not good, thankfully having people there to have a chat with proved a great distraction and at about 2m they warmed in a bit and I got 4m miles done in 44 minutes and made a friend! Went straight home and spent considerable time stretching and ice packing.

Wednesday was down as 6m, but I had actually doen 4m instead of 3m the night before so I set off on my town loop with the option to do six if I felt up to it. I ended up doing 5.3 but I made a considerable effort to really try and get some pace up as I have been missing my sprint work, and so was really please with my time of 53m 7s with fuel left in the tank. Again much stretching and ice.

Was due to do 3m last night, but work has been mind blowing this week and I just didn't have anything to give so I plan to get it in this evening. This has turned out to be a great plan as this morning wonderful fiance presented with early Valentines present of a pair of Mizuno Wave 5's! So, as I write I am wearing them and they feel wonderful and comfy. Can't wait to give them a bit of a bedding in this evening!

Think I will try and get out on the bike on Saturday for my cross training before heading for an unknown 12m on Sunday. Also, had some good news about my horse, who has been on box rest for 5 months with an injury. She is allowed to start doing a bit of work to see if she stays sounds (fingers crossed) which I am so pleased about, not just because I miss riding her but mainly because I have felt so bad about keeping her couped up to recover, and she was beginning to get a little fed up. So, its not all bad, just those pesky shins!

Happy Trails!


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