Kilomathon. Done.

Posted on: 15 Mar 2010

The week did not go as planned. After the inital excitement of finally getting some physio I went out for a 7m on Wednesday, having already missed a 4m on Tuesday. It was hell, I can only think it was because I was coming down with a throat thing that I can't seem to shift, but my God, I have NEVER run that slowly I don't think. It really knocked the confidence and then when I took my trainers off one of my toes was bleeding as well.

I managed to put micropore on the toe and wedge in a 3m, which was maginally faster, in my lunch hour the next day but it still felt awful. Friday came and there was just no where to put the miles and I was still feeling pretty rough and so I only totalled 10m for the week instead of 16m.....

Anyway, I had another ultrasound session on Friday morning and the leg was feeling much better so that cheered me slightly, and I just figured that what would be, would be for the Kilomathon on Sunday.

We headed off Saturday afternoon as we stayed overnight and did a little recce of the route etc and I proceeded to eat my own weight in Mexican food as 'carb preparation..'

At 6am the next morning I was up and very nervous. The other half driopped me off at the start at 7.45am as we knew parking etc was be chaos and I entered the start area alone and little bit tearful, which just seemes very silly know. I ate my oaty breakfast bar and queued for the loo before making my way into the pens at 8.20am. We then stood in the pens for about 15 mins (much stretching) before being walked to the Start which across a busy main road. We then stood in the start for 20 further minutes and it was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING! The only funny side was the ripple of 5500 people progressively going Oooooooh in a mexican wave style everytime the freezing wind blew down the start funnel!

When we set off my hands were blue, the sun was out, but the wind was bitter. The atmosphere was great, and as usual thousands of people overtook me but I seemed to find my pace OK, and as really it was an unknown distance I didn't want to chance my hand too much. 10k slipped by reasonably quickly and I took my first Gel. Even though it was cold the sun on my face was making me sweat alot but the water stations were frequent and well manned. At 10m I was feeling a bit weary and took another gel. It was then I had a bit of a lull whilst my mind striggled with the concept of running another 10k on top of what I had already done. I struggled on to 11m and told myself if I got to 12m I knew I would be able to at least make 14m. When I got to 13m the concept of 3.3m suddenly seemed doable again, and my legs just kept turning despite the fact I could really feel anything from the waist down - I dare not walk as I would have started again! At 15m I was suddenly elated and started running for all I was worth. When I came into the finsh funnel I found myself fighting back the tears, as never have I been so relieved to finish and I ran flat out to get to the line into a big hug from Alex (and also a really excellent Goody Bag!).

I had run pretty much consistent 10m miles the whole way and I was pretty pleased with my 2hr 44m as a first go at that distance. Not feeling too bad at all today really and off for an ultrasound on Mr Shin later.

What can I say, I am so elated to have run that far, slightly dissapointed I wasn't a bit faster, but still so pleased to have got the miles in as due to lay off woth the shin I was always going to have to use it as training rather than a race. I think, in all honesty I am having real trouble comprehending that I ran 16.3m yesterday, and also very excited to think that actually I think there is a fair chance there is 26. 2m in me waiting to come out....

Well done to everyone who had fantatsic Half's and training this weekend!


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