A reflective Birthday Blog....

Posted on: 30 Nov 2011

...on the eve of my 30th Birthday!

Well, I see it has been nearly six months since I last blogged, ooops.

Although to be fair I keep up with so many of you on Facebook I don't feel too out of touch. So, why write this Blog now?

Well, I am having a slightly reflective moment..not on the past 30 years you understand, otherwise we would be here all night!!

In so many ways I feel the past three years have marked some of the biggest changes in my life so far, and a lot of you guys have been with me, if only in blogging and Facebook spirit! Many of you, I am still to meet face to face, and yet I consider you friends because you have been with me through some fitness, and some personal, up and downs.

When I VLM, and got in, back in 2010 it hit me like a ton of bricks, and despite everything I had ever known in my 'equestrian' life and career it turned out to be far more life changing than I imagined. So I ran it, not with too much style and chronic shin splints, but I still did something I barely believed possible.

Getting married that year meant I took a break from the full on training for a while and I will be the first to admit that I have enjoyed being comfortable and become a little tubby...or maybe quite tubby. What that marathon did to me though was ignite a passion for trying knew things around fitness, I never knew I had, and after bumbling around for a while come the Winter I knew I needed a new challenge. With my running buzz slightly depleted by the fear of splin splint onslaught, a stong fear of open water, a lack of ability to swim and a lack of training tubbyness well on my side I entered the Blenheim Open Water Triathlon..genius!

It was clearly a silly idea, as I didn't even tell anyone for ages and then when I started doing more running and my other half (bless him) desperately began to try and teach me front crawl people began to suspect......and I denied it because I really felt I had bitten off more than I could chew. During Christmas I began to realise I needed a plan of action, and after having a poke round the internet stumbled across Coventry Triathletes.

I really just wanted to join to attend their Transition training day, as I had no idea how to navigate a Triathlon transition but from the minute I met them I was hooked by this amazing spectrum of people united in their passion for Triathlon. I was amazed by the time this group of people give up to spread the word and knowledge at all levels about Triathlon, and the disciplines within it on a individual basis. People from all walks of life, shapes, sizes an abilities. They were lovely, and I entered the Aquathlon at a time where swimming 400 metres seemed to take an absolute age, but they were so supportive and the encouragement I felt at that event make me want to compete, for myself, to see what I could achieve.

I could go on forever, on this slightly self indulgant rant, but five Triathlons later, one Cycling Time Trial, countless club swim sets, spin sets, one incredibly sweet example of a road bike (affectinately known as Kenneth The Cube), a new set of Cov Tri team kit, winning the Club Handicap and everything inbetween, I suppose I am just having a reflective moment on entering a marathon, running it, entering one Triathlon, competing in more and now becoming Secretary of Coventry Triathletes so I can give something back as those volunteers did for me when I first met them.

Really I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who I have come to know through this Blog, you have all been an inspiration to date and I am very much looking forward to following you on your latest journeys.

I am Clare, I am still tubby and its not going to change because, quite frankly I really like pie, but I also love Triathlon, I am 30 years old tomorrow and I am ready.

Happy Days!



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