The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.....

Posted on: 25 Jan 2010

The Good: I have run 10 miles

The Bad: Shin Splints are back

The Ugly: Running the entire 10 miles in agony...

Well its not all doom and gloom but it hasn't been the best week. After my good run with the running group on Tuesday my shin splints seemed to make an unwelcome return. So, I took the next day off and held my 3m run over when I got up early before going to London to get it done. For three miles it was not a good effort, and I had underestimated how cold it was outside, I did it in 30.15 but it just felt laboured. There was no time for dwelling as I finshed packing for London and went on my merry way. It was a busy day commuting round London with a meeting in the middle and then the scary posh dinner in the evening - which was fine, but my face did hurt from talking to people for four hours! We (fiance and I) managed to keep up with all the special clapping, and toasts, sing God Save the Queen and most importantly carry out the ritual of The Loving Cup (I know, it just sounds rude) without fault. Phew!

So after wandering around London in the pouring rain on Friday we returned home pretty tired, but I was excited as my friend was doing my horse on Saturday morning so a rare lie in was to be had! After leisurely getting up I then proceeded to the hair dressers like a full lady of leisure. This was soon halted when I returned home and decided the flat needed a damn good clean, which took a couple of hours before I remebered I should really get my 3m in as a warm up for the 10m. It was a little better than Thursdays attempt at 29.45 but shins were definately larely.

Because of the shins I probably didn't enter into yesterday with as much gusto as I should. I have also just felt so so tired this week (was literally asleep in church yesterday morning), and have three ulcers so I think I am a little run down. Anyway, off I went with the boy on his bike for moral support and it was as bad as I thought shin wise. I also made the catastrophic error of drinking too much tea and despite the fact I ran past Tesco I decided (wrongly) not to use their facilities and paid the price for it all the way round the run. At five miles I was hurting but it was OK, but then I found that middle bit (6-7-8) like no mans land. I had given up looking at time as I just wanted to get the job done. At nine miles I could stand it no longer and luckily the public toilets in Warwick saved me, giving me a much more pleasant final mile and I crawled home in 1hr 52m.

Body wise, breathing etc it was very slow but fine. Just those damn shins. Yes, I know before you all say it, I have read all the replies on Simone's Blog and I won't be doing anything but RICE for a few days....grrrr

Anyway, on a positive note I have run 10 miles! Never done that before!

Happy Training!


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