What can I say....

Posted on: 14 Jan 2010

other than please stop snowing now....

I began this week with things seeming to be thawing, and made a trip to BMF on Monday. Although the park was very much still covered in snow the temperature was about 1 degree - positively tropical! Turned out to be great fun, especially the 'grenade' excercise where you throw yourself on the floor, which was cusioned slightly but the snow and also the hilarity of sliding about 20 feet before stopping. I was also really surprised that despite the fact I had not attended for about three weeks I felt really good and made it in the higher level group. All pleasing.

So came Tuesday and my 3m effort, which was not at all pleasant as I had the luxury of running in the daylight last week. The pavements were like an ice rink and definately the worst they have been so far but the 3m was in a slightly pitiful 31.57.

Yesterday I awoke to, yes, you have guessed it snow AGAIN. After 45 minutes of grid locked traffic and about two miles travel I managed to persuade someone already at the yard to do my horse, work was cancelled as the power was still out and I returned to the safety of my flat to work from home.

It just would not stop snowing, so at about 2pm I decided I had better get out there before darkness came. I headed, just for a change, to the towpath to start my 4m loop with snow flying in my eyes and ears - it was not very pleasant. I came off at one the bridges to put a loop in on the road and found that the pavements had been gritted and were thawing at quite a rate despite the snow still coming down. So I enjoyed the luxury of about two miles worth of road / slush which allowed me to pick up some pace before joining the towpath for my last bit of the loop. About this point a kind gentlemen shouted to me 'well done, I got my 7m in round the golf course this morning'. Obviously this chap had mistaken me for a really fit person who knows all about running and so I felt it necessary to run extra fast down the towpath so as not to dispell this myth. This meant I finished my 4M in 40min 7s - thats a PB for me!

So, just my 3m to get done quickly this evening before my rest day and finding out whether they are going to be able to still hold my 7.5 run in Stratford on Sunday. Fingers crossed we are nearing the end of this winter wonderland now..

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