That'll teach me......

Posted on: 03 Dec 2009

I have had a slow start to the week as the annual joy that is getting older came around. Following my 10k on Sunday I didn't feel too guilty having Monday night off, as I got home too late to make BMF, and after all it was 'the night before my Birthday' .....and then Tuesday rolled around which was then my actual Birthday and the pull of going to the local Italian was just too much!

Anyway, I ventured off to BMF last night, as I haven't made it there since early last week. We had a new instructor who had come over from the Solihull group, who was hilarious and great and also it soon turned out flipping mad! Soon into the class as we all grumbled that he made us run through the wet bit of the park, where there is currently a good two inches of water lieing. We soon learnt that was not the best thing to do as we were prompty instructed to lie in said water, roll around  from side to side and then do a forward roll. 'There you are' he said 'your wet now, so there is nothing else to moan about..!'

We then proceeded to do the most core work my abs have ever expeienced and do squats and lunges whilst giving each other piggy backs. Moral of this story is....I can't wait to just go running this evening!

Happy Training


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