Close.....but no cigar

Posted on: 30 Nov 2009

Firstly I must apologise for my terrible whingeing about my performance last week - well overdue a few days off, I do feel a much better person for a bit of a rest. So last week was a mixed bag, and I started last Monday with a BMF session, which was a little more relaxed as we joined up with the blues, and I enjoyed being exerted without the threat of imminent collapse.

Tuesday was hectic with work, and then the trip home to Shropshire to see the parents after work and start my few days off so nothing going. Wednesday saw a Christmas Shopping trip with Mum, which raised the blood pressure high enough to have a training effect I am sure, and after a long day, with the light fading my guilt of doing nothing was too much and I sprinted (well sprinting for me anyway) round the 2.5 mile block in 28 minutes.

On Thursday I got some planned work done and had a good 5 miles round the Shropshire lanes in 51 mins 30secs which I was pleased with on the unknown terrain.

To be honest from here on in it lapsed a bit. The relief of returning from the parents on Thursday evening and a trip to the Warwick Victorian Evening to watch the lights being switched on led to a fair bit of alcohol consumption and Friday became a day of housework and rest. I considered BMF on Saturday but didn't want to feel achy for my 10k on Sunday and so again, I failed slightly but did spend much time down at the livery yard walking about, tidying, moving things and rode a horse which was surpisingly tiring when you are out of practise!

I awoke at 6.30am to the pouring rain on Sunday morning and dragged on my wet weather gear to go and muck out my horse. Luckily by the time I started to make my way at 7.30am the rain had begun to ease, as I knew I would be going to Woburn alone if it didn't stop - finace is positively hydrophobic!! We left at 8.30am and despite the dark skys on the way down there were a few cracks of light and we arrived to a damp and about freezing Woburn. Stripping down to the lycras was less than desirable but I came to the conclusion I was no less cold than when I had my coat on. Atmosphere was great as a good turn out for the run saw many people donning antlers, and proved an amusing sight as we moved off and they bobbed around! The course was a slight shock - I have done a 10k at Woburn before and it was previously on track, but this course was 50% grass or should I say 50% mud which was a bit heavy going when unexpected, and followed up but a bit of a beast of a hill around 3k which made me  feel a bit like I was going nowhere. The course was also two laps which I don't usually enjoy but knowing where the evil mud and hill were on my second lap did give me the ability to just reserve myself and get through it before digging in later. At 7k I knew I was too short on time to get back withing the hour (which had been my goal) and this made me really very angry with myself so with everything left in me I stopped looking at the watch and just ran. I finished in 1hr 1min 4s - PERSONAL BEST, WHOOO HOOO! I think the fastest I have ever done 10k in the past is 1hr 5mins.  It probably wasn't the way it should be done but it felt great and has really picked me up, I can't wait get back out there this week and get back on with the training plan. Also very pleased with hydrophobic finace and his run round the 5k track, which took place after the 10k.

Happy Training!

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