RE: When its good, its good....

Posted on: 08 Mar 2010

I hope you are all enjoying this very cold, but beautifully bright weather? It took a while for the sun to break through on Saturday, and truth be told I near froze to death whilst watching my other half and Jane running their first 10k on Saturday morning (1hr 9m and 1hr 12m respectively) but the afternoon gave way to the sun which stayed until Sunday.

After a couple of drinks the night before I decided to hold off until mid day for the LSR just to make sure I had a couple couple of pints of water on board, but I knew I had fuelled well with my very large helping of pasta arrabiata the night before if nothing else! I should have really been at church but we have spent the last three weekensd dashing here and there and everywhere and to fit church in just seemed too much....but I did feel guilty. However I very much enjoyed my spare hour bumbling around the yard giving Minni's stable a good clean out, and generally have a 'Spring' tidy whilst watching her enjoying her time out in the sun, munching on her haylage and dozing (wasn't quite so serene when I got her in that evening and she had so much mud on her she looked like a creature from the flipping deep!).

So after that and doing a few household jobs I decided it was time to get out there - Lucozade sport, SiS tropical gel x 2, Garmin, and posh new Skins leggings (came home to find these waiting for me on the side on Friday night, I really do have a lovely other half, which I suppose is why I am marrying him in 6 months!) The Skins are a bit scary on my thighs, but they seemed really supportive so I will just try not to look down!

I skipped off down the towpath and was really feeling pretty pleased with life. The wind was very sharp but in the sun it was pleasant. I had opted for short sleeves for the first time with shower proof gilet on the top. Pretty much coasted down to 5 miles which was really nice following the LSR last week when I was fighting from the word go. Took a gel at 6 miles again and went on my way up to 10m to take the next one. The hill I struggled up last weekend seemed more forgiving and the only real problem I was having was that I am so pathic in the sun that I could feel my face and ear (right) burning! I then noticed that with the cold wind I was beginning to have a little bit of a chaf under one arm but that wasn't going to stop me today.

Next gel and a drink at 10m and felt great as I headed for home. I was desperate to try and increase the mileage and as I hadn't quite hit the wall I managed to make myself do a lap of the park and then take the longer route home making a total increase of a mile and my first ever 14 miles - 2hrs 21m. More than happy with that and could not believe how good and consistent the splits were when I plugged the Garmin in, so I reckon getting round the Kilomathon (16.3m) next weekend is do-able. 

Naughty leg is very sore today and I have strapped it, but thats enough said about him!I also have chafing under both arms, and its not the first time it has happended with that top so I am banishing it to the bottom of the drawer!

Happy Training!!



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