The Wall.......?!

Posted on: 23 Nov 2009

I have hit it, I think. This week, although I have been running, everything has just seemed like such a horrible effort. To summerise:

Monday: 5 miles (59 mins)

Tuesday: Nothing

Wednesday: BMF

Thursday: 4.5 miles (49 mins)

Friday: Nothing

Saturday: 4 miles (44 mins - it was chucking it down and I had to cut it short)

So its not awful, but it really doesn't feel good and there is definately no advancement. I do have a bit of a cough, and have had a sore throat but nothing major. Everytime I go out my legs are like lead and now I feel my confidence is knocked. Anyone any ideas?

I do have a few days off work this week, and to be honest they are long over due, so maybe I should stop whinging and a couple of days off will get me back on track?! I think I may also use the time off to give my local running club a shout as I have now reached the kind of point I have with my running previously and maybe a little bit of expert help wouldn't go a miss either?

Anyway, enough of the glum stuff. As I said I have three days off this week and am hoping for some more enjoyable running in the daylight before my first 10k of my training plan, held at Woburn on Sunday. I am looking to run it in as close to an hour as possible as I have never run 10k in under an hour, closest was the Leamington 10k in 1hr.4mins. Woburn was also the first 10k I ever did so a little bit advancement would be nice. The other half is coming with me and doing the 5k they are also holding so should be good fun all round.

Off to BMF tonight - maybe a good roll round in some mud will sort me out!

Happy Training!


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