The rough with the smooth...

Posted on: 07 Dec 2009

Firstly please excuse any spelling errors in this quick catch up as I am on the train with my Blackberry! Have been for a meeting at HSBC headquarters in London-was absolutely incredible building and you can see the whole of London from it! Any way I digress. Last weeks training was a bit sporadic with the old Birthday celebrations but following the hideous wet BMF on Wednesday I got 4.5 miles in on Thursday, which was good other than some quite bad shin pain. In fact shins were so sore I did',t go out on Friday. They felt marginally better Saturday and I got a fantastic six miles in and then five and a half miles in on Sunday. Shins are pretty painful again today so I am hoping a rest this evening will ease them off again as I felt like an old woman walking round Harrods earlier! Apart from that though I have to say I am feeling quite good and perhaps even ready to enter the unknown and go above six miles.. All very exciting! Happy Training! C

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