The thing I most enjoy about Swimming....

Posted on: 09 Nov 2010

is the shower at the end!

I now swim on a Monday night, and the other half teaches me as he is really rather good at the swimming , and I can now crawl but flipping heck its hard going and I feel destroyed the next day. I think some proper lessons might be on my list for Santa, and I have already requested a new swim suit for my Birthday.

I am not going to lie, the training is not exactly coming along with much pace at the minute. I have already admitted defeat and know that I won't be doing that 10k in a couple of weeks time, I could probably drag myself round it but I would only feel bad about the time it would take. On top of that I have been struggling with a niggling injury in the back of my right leg. Haruuumpph.

So, on an more positive note, I have broken the 3m barrier, albeait it by accident, but I actually forgot what route I was on and ran 4m (slowly)! So that was sort of pleasing, but then I went out for a 3m and ended up pulling up at 2.5m as the leg was niggling badly. Gave it a couple of days off and decided to do my short block as fast as I could on Sunday evening so 2m in 18.59 - which made me laugh because I wanted to get as close to 19 mins as possible!

I am just unfit, I don't know how I got so very very unfit but I did (I suspect sitting on my backside in this job all hours of the day hasn't helped) and this flipping weight won't shift either.

This is a very grumbly post isn't it? Grumble grumble. So, basically I need to try harder. Must try harder. I will try harder.....

Will let you know if trying harder pays off!


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