A pleasant surprise.....

Posted on: 10 Dec 2009

The week has gone quite well so far. Trying not to do too much with the shins but enjoyed an easy four miles in the drizzle on Tuesday and then toddled along to BMF last night. There were only two instructors, and so based on a 'race' type excercise we got split into two groups, and I missed the upper group by one person. Oddly this made me really angry with my lack of performance. The session in my group was much slower than I have become used to and by the end I had barely broken sweat, although we had still done a fair amount of sprinting which was great. So cross was I, at the end of the session that I then ran home!

How funny I thought to myself this morning, that I got so cross about not getting enough excerise or feeling completely physically exerted! I remember watching people in the upper groups running home from a session and branding them weirdly fit mad folk...what can I say I must be getting fitter....Surprised

Its my work Christmas dinner today so probably won't go out this evening, but have made up for it by wearing 4.5 inch heels for the day - so a calf workout if nothing else Smile

Happy Training!


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