A bad week

Posted on: 13 Mar 2009

What a bad week it's been. I'm not going into details about it on here, but sleep's not been too good so training's been out of the window, even though I'd got planned sessions which I've missed through sleep depravation & exhaustion. I'm still not sure that it's all resolved, but we're still in business & maybe doing this will help me to concentrate on the tasks in hand.

Only been out once this week, monday morning, & the usual route felt soooo hard. On a positive note, the diet's going well. I've even not been tempted to eat 100lbs of biscuits in the evening. The caffine headaches have gone. And I'm DEFINATELY NOT missing the beer; who knows, I may even manage a Saturday night without a drink & not feel self concious about it. Then I could get up early Sunday morning for a distance run.

Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!

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