I need motivation.......

Posted on: 21 Apr 2009

......and more free time.

Last week's run with NRR went quite well; circa 5 miles in around 50 mins, with a variation of road & cross country. Surprisingly, I'm starting to enjoy the variety that cross country brings. Then I wake up late on Sunday & just manage to run the park, instead of the 8-9 miles I'd planned, & my calf tightens up again. It's SOOOOO infuriating, because I know my fitness levels are above this niggling injury. This morning's visit to the gym went well however. The 15 mins on the treadmill went without major incident, & then half an hour on the cross trainer was great - especially the 11-12 mins without holding on (that was FUN).

So, I know I need to increase my training, but where do I fit it in. Running first thing in the morning seems to be when I'm most prone to strains. Going out in the evening really doesn't work after a 60-70 min commute from work, & I really enjoy that time when I get home to the family. I could possibly go to the gym for 40-50 mins in the middle of the day. Otherwise, I just can't see any available time to get out on the road. I really didn't forsee this problem.

Finally, the weight's not moving off me like I thought it would. I even only had a shandy on Saturday night - when I should have been celebrating promotion to the Prem. Oh well - I'll do my celebrating a week on Sunday.

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