A weekend to remember

Posted on: 30 Apr 2009

I've not checked in with my blog for a while, so feel the need to post my recent progress.

I went for a good run on Sunday, leaving Cosgrove & running along the A5 to Towcester for just under an hour, which got me 6 miles (which I was pleased with). Just one small walk at about 5 miles seemed to ease the calf tendons, otherwise I was really pleased with the run, & recovery was good also.

Tuesday's work in the gym concentrated mainly on the calves & that also went well. Again I went 'hands-free' on the cross-trainer, which is fun & almost becomes a balancing act rather than a workout. I don't think I've sweated that much in a gym since I used to do spinning classes at Virgin; back when I believed I was fit.

Yesterday's run with the club was good also.We ran the Moulton 10k course (which is another new route to me) & I started with the C group. After about 1-2k I decided to pull away & keep the B group in my sight. Needless to say, I managed to keep in touch with the B's (& at one point the A's) which has really boosted my confidence & given me a massive lift regarding my progress.

So this weekend. Wolves have won the title - we're going up!!!! And I'm off there on Sunday to celebrate. But I'm planning to enter the Silverstone 10k on Tuesday, so the celebrating had better not be too OTT (recovery at my age isn't what it used to be).  Nevertheless, I'm really looking forward to both, so BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, many congratulations to my friend Andrew Slack who completed his first London Marathon last weekend in just over 4 hours. He's the stereotypical 20 something, party going, live for today bloke. If I wasn't more sensible, I'd even consider entering the ballot for next.

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