Just keep running.......

Posted on: 09 Apr 2009

The calf strain's finally gone, although it was a little tight last night after about 5-6 miles, but it DEFINATELY wasn't anything like it was a few weeks ago.

I ran with the C's again yesterday, & felt that I coped with it quite well; even though one of the guy's I ran with was a seasoned 70+ marathon runner who had completed a 20 mile race only 3 days before, so there's still quite a lot of room for improvement.

But it went quite well, even though I'm now feeling a little aprehensive about taking it to the next level regarding my stamina & the endurance needed over an hour. So when I asked Mick (my 'senior' running companion) he replied that 'you just keep running'.

So there you have it, just keep running. My work here is done. My training is complete. I am the master of all. (Until next time I go out & it all inevitably goes horribly wrong again).


Finally, a footnote to the last post; I've got a great little route at Cosgrove. Just over 4 miles, nicely undulating with a downhill 1/2 mile from the end. Unfortunately, there's 3/4 mile on a main road - why don't some drivers take more care of pedestrians. Morons!!!!

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