Our first (& last) personal training session

Posted on: 17 May 2013

So we were approached by a personal trainer last week with the same old chit chat (seen you both here etc etc) & we decided to take up the offer of a taster session.

As I'm going to the gym with my 15 yr old son, & I'm unable to motivate him ("Dad, you just nag!!!!"), I thought it'd be good to introduce some outside help on the odd occasion.

So, after 20 mins talking about our goals, objections etc etc (yawn) we spent a further 30 mins playing a series of comeptitive games. Squats, medicine ball, kettle bells, boxing gloves were all employed - unfortunately, neither of us are truly competitive, so when we finished we were in agreement that it hadn't been a great session.

And then we were hit with the bombshell - we already pay £60pcm for our gym membership - you could have heard a pin drop when we were told that six weeks of PT would cost an additional £360. £360!!!!! £360!!!!!

On a positive note, I've discovered something that my teenage son & I agree on. As he said, that'd pay for four days out to watch football.

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