Kick in the Pants!

Posted on: 26 Apr 2008

Ok...I have just re-read my comments of my last post and now feeling very guilty.....that Mr Will Power has still evaded me - BUT I now have an added incentive!  Our lovely cleaner at work (who has only seen me a handful of times) gave me a metaphorical 'kick in the pants' by telling me that I was getting fat!  and after making sure that I wasn't offended (How could I be??!!??) and I'd reassured her that it was fine....she proceeded to ask "so are you losing wait then?"

Actually - I wasn't actively at that point, although to be honest the work suits are perhaps a little tight....but now thinking perhaps I ought!  My other half, when consulted on his opinion offered that I wouldn't fit through a letterbox - which actually I think is a good thing, but hey!

So...the plan...which hopefully I can stick to! (all encouragement welcome!) I don't want to crash diet, but want to learn the word "no" when offered the choccy biccies!  Just eating sensibly...cutting out those added extras which I really don't need...but they taste soooo good!

I am also planning on making the most of the lighter nights and getting out there on the bike and running.  I do enjoy it when I get out there....but don't know if it is just me...but the hard part is getting out there.  The sofa is so inviting after a days work...

To try and help I thought that I'd put down some stats to start with so at least I can monitor my progress:
Height: 5ft 6" ish (and I'm guessing I probably can't change that! )

Weight: 151.4lbs (target to be in single stones figures e.g. under 10 stone - but not too under)

And finally here's to updating my blog on a more regular basis - as actually reading all yours gives me inspiration too...

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