Exams...and energy foods

Posted on: 30 May 2008

Well I did do the cycling to the BBQ last week...it took me just over an hour to bike the almost 13 miles.  I was overtaken on the last stretch of main road by friends also going to the BBQ, who all wondered why some mad person on a bike was waving at them when they had gone past. 

Anyway I turned up about 5 or 10 mins after them - rather red in the face and somewhat perspiring! Not a very glamorous look!  However thankfully the host had towels laid out for me and I had a fantastic, lovely hot shower.  It may seem a little over enthusiastic to state that I had a lovely shower, but I think I should explain that my shower at home is still in the box where it has been for probably the past year awaiting the better half installing it - so currently it is baths all the way!

Anyway - having felt very satisfied with my cycle ride (and looking a little more acceptable for a gathering) I possibly may have undone some of the good work through the food and beveridgee - hmmmm Pymms and wine....burgers and then white chocolate fondue!  Gosh I can feel the weight going back...

But I think I made amends by going on a 9 mile walk on Sunday - underestimated the weather and ended up rather red faced again, but from sun/wind burn rather than over exertion this time!

Since then haven't really done much as I have been on training for three days and had an exam on the third day...for some reason was having a real battle staying awake, so resorted to lucozade drinks and those energy glucose tablets...probably not the best thing, but really needed the energy.  Perhaps it was my bodies way of asking for chocolate, but I didn't give in!  Although chocolate may have been better for me?!?!

It is Saturday again tomorrow (go figure, it being Friday today!) and so will stand on the scales in the morning to see how I'm doing...kinda guessing it may not be a loss, but hey never mind, will have to get out there on the evenings next week and get some running in.

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