Going green...

Posted on: 27 Apr 2008

Thanks you guys for the comments to my last post....I'm afraid Mr Will Power isn't with me yet...that chocolate biscuit called my name a little too loudly...and before I realised I had half eaten it....doh!

However as I needed to get cracking on the fitness thing, and it was such a lovely day, I dusted off my bike yesterday and cycled in (about 4 miles each way) and did the shopping...funnily enough cycling home with shopping on your back really makes it feel like up hill all the way home.  So not only did I do some exercise, help the environment (leaving the car at home), I also saved money....could only buy what I could carry home in my rucksack!

When I got home I took the dogs out for a walk round our local woods.

Tried to stay off the tea and coffee which I drink lots of! opting for water as normally I really do not drink enough fluid - only ended up with a headache last night - not good , so today I am rationing the caffeine and still trying to keep up the water intake. 

Hope to try and get out for a bit of a run later - fingers crossed it isn't raining at that point!  Actually I really do need to get out there whatever the weather as my friends have booked me in to do the Race for Life on the 18th May.  Heck that's not far away is it??!! 

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