Overworked...under exercised...

Posted on: 29 Apr 2008

Didn't quite make it out for a run as I had planned in my last post...got sidetracked doing some DIY (as you do!)  Although managed to get locked out on Sunday so did a route march of the local woods trying to find the other half and our two choccy labs to get a key...how hard can it be...typically as I finished my route he appeared just ahead of me in the car park from a different path.  Oh well looking on the bright side - it was actually quite a nice walk in the lovely sunshine!

Yesterday and today I have been at work and haven't got home until late so haven't had the inclination to get out there and do something energetic.  Have a deadline looming tomorrow so hopefully after that I will get some time back and can do something other than sit on my arse at my desk.  Can't really say that walking to the printer is classed as exercise.

Been trying to keep away from the 'bad food' and actually haven't been too bad - have been having homemade spicy parsnip soup for lunch (with home grown parsnips no less!  can't say that I have 100% cut out the chocolate biscuit bars, but did say no to pudding yesterday despite being the only one not partaking and I was the one serving it up!

Have restarted the caffeine intake as I don't think my body is ready to give up on tea and coffee without a fight (aka headaches!)  Will look to reduce this over time...in fact will probably try the decaf route - thanks for the suggestion shazzoah! 

Anyway enough waffling for now...

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