Looking Nice...

Posted on: 24 May 2008

Saturday is here again!  Was doing really well with the eating - even putting together a salad for my work lunch - and put together a fresh fruit salad selection for nibbling on!  (usually I only manage a tinned soup and some bread - and a banana - convenience food)

But then Friday came...someone's birthday and a lady going off on maternity leave and hey presto cakes and biscuits to cobble dogs with!!  It would have been rude not to you understand !

So was a little concerned about how the scales may have reacted today (they can be so rude!) but they have done me proud...144.4lbs...a whole pound gone...yay!!

And also had a boost as the 'lovely' cleaner who started this new campaign with her revelations that I was "getting fat" actually told me that I was looking nice this week...however she may well have been compensating for her earlier comments - but hey ho...it is shifting!!

Today I am going to a friends for a BBQ, and have been asked to take along the fondue equipment - so I am guessing that may well break the healthy eating for the day , however I am planning on cycling to her house, which is just under 13 miles, so I think that by then I will deserve a few extra calories! 

Although not looking to bike back....the other half has said that he'll pick both me and my bike up...he is going to the BBQ too, but is cuurently revising and is in the middle of his exams so not too sure how long he is going for!

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