Curate's Egg Weekend!

Posted on: 09 Mar 2008

Yes a real up and down weekend for me!  Started on the up and on Saturday I picked a new car and signed the paper work.  Then my wife and I did some shopping and had a coffee (while I read the latest marathon news).

Then got back in the car and had only gone 20 yards when the spring on the front nearside suispension broke with a loud clunk and the car dipped down almost to the floor!  Sent Ann home in a taxi while I waited for the RAC.

They were brilliant, obviously couldn't fix it but took me home and will drop the car off at the Fiat garage for me.

That meant no car to get to the 10k race this morning but got a lift off Sara.  We did 2.75 miles warming up and then a few fast strides.  There was me and Sara, Mark, Darren, Mike and Karl from the Club. When the gun went I set off hard and after the first half mile or so looked at the Garmin to see average pace of 5:51 - a touch too fast?

I wasn't too worried I had my racing head on and  knew I could cope with a fast start settled in slightly and went through the first mile in 6:21 with Mark as expected right on my shoulder.  We reached 2 in 6:39 and Mark's breathing was getting heavy and soon after I realised he'd dropped off.

Slowed a little to 3 miles with a 6:44 then was passed by a guy from Altrincham AC and nearly let him go but then dug in and we ran to 4 taking the lead in turn with a 6:38 mile.  Just after 4 he began to edge away and I had a little bad patch and my mile split to 5 dropped to 6:55.  From there I began to chase down some runners and did 6:42 for the next mile and was close to 2 other runners on the final run in.  As we turned for the last 50m to the finish we all sprinted but I pulled away to finish in 41:14 for a new over 50 PB averaging 6:38 a mile.

Mike was the quickest from the Club in just over 36 minutes despite blisters on both feet from new shoes, I was second with Mark third around 42 mins, then Karl just over 43 with Darren only a few seconds behind him.  Sara ran 52 minutes but was dissappointed not to get under 50.

After warming down Sara dropped me at the Fiat garage so I could sign up the final finance papers for my new car and then I packed my tracksuit in my rucksack and ran 4.8 miles home from there at an easy 9 minute pace. On the way back i had some discomfort from my left achilles and right knee but since I've stopped and showered they both feel fine so hopefully no serious damage.

I hope you all had a great day at Silverstone and on your long runs, I'll have a catch up later to see.

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