Berkhamstead Half 01-03-15

Posted on: 01 Mar 2015


I've recovered from a serious eye infection after being twanged in my eye at work (ouchie) which meant i had to goto Moorfields Eye hospital A&E 3 times over the following 3 days. The treatment was basically eye drops every hour day AND night for 4 days. The sight returned to the eye though and no harm done... but it was very painful & a lil' worrying!

Didn't do any running for that week much and although i've been running back since i was still in two minds about going out and trying to nail this run especially 2 weeks from Barcelona.

Was great to get Krim there, though we almost never made it... on the wqay there in the car with Paul & Krim, at the Chesham roundabout i took my normal route to work on the A41 instead of heading down into Berko... we were so late already lol!

Krim has a bad back and has sort of been running through it - the docws tell him it's wear and tear, and so the only real solution for him is to do lots of strength training on his core and back.... good luck with that!


Having not managed a long run since Stevenage last year we were aiming for 2 hours. Very enjoyable run until mile 9 where we were dropping off 2 hour pace and so had to recover something of the run for myself so decided to practice the last 4 miles of running marathon by feel and ran hard from mile 9 till the finish.


Tough hills but all good. Windy but not unbearable.

Amazing support from the GVH massive out and about. Rich Coles & the bike crew, was brilliant. Rumble barking at top of last hill - awesome the lot of you, thanks so much!!! Cheers for the pics too!

Well done to Ross Geary & William Terry for smashing the 5 miler, and great job with the fundraising too!

The kenyans of the club did pretty well, looking at the results but being so far behind they'd long saince packed up for the pub i'm guessing :o)


Despite this i'm happy with the last 4 mile splits... what a downhill that is to finish :o)

Decided to do 20 slow again next week on the Jantastic targets, despite being so close to Barcelona, afterall Barcelona is just a training run for London too!

Have fun all xx




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