Watford Half Marathon 01-02-15

Posted on: 01 Feb 2015

Been a bit quiet on this front, and only for the fact that work tends to go a little crazy when it's cold... and as i'm sure you will all agree it is flippin' freezin' at the mo'!

Still, 6 weeks to Barcelona marathon, and 12 till london.

Booked in for a good effort at Watford was the plan. Thought better of running down to the start and making it a twenty miler (lol), not just because i would have been freezing waiting for the start but also because the training has been pretty heavy in the week. I mirrored the cub yassoo 800s but on my own... what a session that is lemmie tell you... 10x 800 @3:30 off 2:30 rest. Not sure i managed all 10 but wow that is a beaut of a session. Garmin HERE. Ran 5k on wednesday normally a rest/ core workout, and then 10 fartlek thursday.

Have been knocking out the 20 milers for a few sundays now, building on the prechristmas long runs on muddy trails, something i intend to continue to do.


Lots of GVH there bright and early for a team pic - cheers Paula!

We'd heard they had a new route at the end to avoid the flooding of last year... which i actually enjoyed! Anyway i thought it was great! Some people said it was very hilly... i mean yeah there's no denying that but with every uphill there was pretty much a delicious downhill... and if you know anything about my running you will know i was born to run downhill :o) Sorted my uphill running strategy also which goes like this... if coming from a downhill try to carry all the speed through the bottom and as far up the hill as you can... hyperventilate about 20 yards before the hill.... once you lose all the speed, take short steps and work your ass off all the way up to the top... recover a bit then push it again!

Forgot to grab a banana or something for breakfast but forgot, and forgot to grab a gel for about mile 8... so yeah getting the fat burning going!!

Started off with Russ, and we made good speed for a couple of miles, then wow Rupert caught us up and came by like we weren't moving... this is one of his set moves i think :o) ... that guy's a beast... so strong... he started pushing off ahead and i was like... nope!! It really gave me the boot up the rear end i needed and so i tailed him gradually pulling him back and finally we reached a lovely downhill and off i went!!

Lots of Ups & Downs huh?
Top supporting from the GVH aswell desrves a special mention. As i've said before it's awesome that people come cheer us all on... thanks Claire, Paula, Simon, Gemma & Rumble, etc etc... sorry don't know all your names. Really it makes the difference as you well know!!
I knew Andrew Jarvis and his scout group were manning a water station out there somewhere, and as we ran through the clearing in commonwood on came the booming voice cheering me on :o) Best waterstop ever :o)
Sad to say i didn't notice the sign Abbey had made... but WoW! Thanks! No-one has ever made a sign like that for me :sniffle: lol how awesome is that! Thank you very much :o) xxx
Now the work rate - well, it was HIGH all the way... not that i trust my HR monitor on the Fenix 2 totally, but yeah loved it... and i'm very  happy with my strength, no issues there at all, and no whimping out... defo a good day at the office!
I'm really feeling like i'm turning a corner with my running atm, and hope to finally get back to form of long ago. I know there is still a long way to go, but if i can stay uninjured... i know i'm ready for it!
Mile 10 split 6:52... actually the split i will need to achieve if i am to ever get my sub 3! This is my dream, what it's all about for me i have to admit. Dunno if it's too late and the ravages of time and old age will get me before i can ever nail that one! It could also be prefectly possible that i don't have a sub three in me and never did have, but it still gives me strength, and i'm not going to give up on that one just yet. Last years 5in5 was a big step forward, and i'm thankful for that, just need to keep thinking BIG!
Another big support group at the bottom of the final uphill push for the line... a little hill anyone who has done XC will know well... BUT we didn't have to do a lap of the park which was absolutely great & why this new route definitely has my vote!
Great to finish in 1:38:47. Not all GVH had a good result however... well more to the point - Birch had a howler trying to stay with Steve Newing puking twice... ooopie! Apart from that great running with lots of PBs.. top running GVH!
Usual tech-T & medal
Thanks to Watford again for a well organised event, friendly marshals, all round a winner. See you next year!
BLT toastie & big Tea ^^
Hope you all had a blast today whatever you did...
Get well soon David Wise & anyone else suffering with cold/flu or something a little worse xx

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