Dirt Half 15-11-14

Posted on: 15 Nov 2014

I'd never even looked at this local (Leighton Buzzard) race before, wrongly thinking it was one of those tough mudder/grizzly type obstacle events which tbh i have not tried, or fancied... how wrong i was! One of the guys at the club has nutella tendonitis in the knee so he offered his place... i resisted for an hour or two as i was on babysitting duties Saturday am... but eventually, after cashing in all my brownie points , i was allowed to take it!

Got there pretty early and was parked in a tennis court right in between the START & FINISH, went for a wander, bumping into serveral GVH.

So yeah, done a few marathons lately, and seemed to have the pacing nailed on feel, but what was i to do here... having forgotten my gps i had no choice but to do it by feel. Did i start easy and build up like the marathon... well maybe i should have but that is definitely not what i did. Started with Tom, Julian Smith, Dave & James Thompson... and boy we went off fast... within 400m Tom & Jules were out of sight lol no suprise there. Me, Dave & James were trotting along quite well... it was hurting but i was doing it! i remember saying to myself i ought to take it easy, but then i thought, perhaps i should treat it as a training session ie. long tempo & push hard at the start, because well basically it seemed there was no way i was gonna  slow down!!! After about 4 mile Dave & I were joined by Rupert, what a machine... so strong... so i went with him... sure i was gonna pay for this... but anyways.

It was basically 4 or 5 miles on a fairly decent towpath (better than ours at any rate), then up a hill that starts gentle and gets a bit tougher but lasts for flipping ever...  Then a decent forest section which was really enjoyable... some little ups but in general i think more downs... I think Rupert was still with me then but in for a penny, in for a pound i was pushing all the way.


That was a tough hill

Out of the muddy forest and through the swampy grassland bit, which was pretty waterlogged and had plenty of swing gates...where at the very last one before where we were to rejoin the towpath (at about mile 10), there was a big puddle in front of it... everyone was sort of heading off to the right of it... not me i went right at it.... only problem was it was about 2 foot deep, and i fell right on my face!! Muddy water all up in my eyes and ears lol...

Still fast section back to the finish... was pretty tough i must say... was happy with my not giving up, picking up the guy just in front and hanging on, just doing it etc

Ed made it to cheer us on... top one Ed, sorry never came to say hello, right after i was nearly sick as i headed to my car to grab phone & top.


Back to the finish for a team pic of finishers up to that point (Where were you James?)

Tom was first back in 1:32:59, after beating back young Julian Smith who finished 3 seconds later, brilliant debut at the half marathon! Great running. Dylan 1:35:52 blinding effort... that your first half too?? Me next in 1:40:30... well chuffed tbh. Rupert 1:42:46 - good stuff!  & Dave Wise 1:45:20 - not bad with man flu, or even real flu! James T 1:48:39.

The main man Andy

Well done to all the other GVH there today, that was one tough course. Unlucky Karis just missing your pb by 30 seconds... bound to smash it on a flat course... bedford?? Paula, first trail run & enjoyed it... nice one.


So yeah, how the hell do ya race half marathons on feel... that was much faster than i'm used to running haha??

Thanks for a great race today, really enjoyed it.

Webbie here

Results here


Sleep well, i will.






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