London Marathon 27-04-15

Posted on: 27 Apr 2015

So yeah i ran Barcelona last month and stupidly injured myself, so no running for two weeks, then back gently but managed about 5 or 6 runs before London.

This meant i woke up Sunday mornin' super nervous hehe. Excited yes sure, but nervous.

Hate all the odd aches and pains you get before a big race for no apparent reason, i can't be the only one!

Anyways i was to head out with Steeve Reeve who was aiming to beat his 3:52pb and was feeling good. I was up for it but knew i would need a push at the start.

We got down the club in time to get the coach which left at 5:50am. Great way to do london this as it gets you to the start area without any issues albeit early!


Drizzled on GVH blue starters
it got well busy later tho!
Steve ended up in pen 8, i was in pen 2! We decided pen 3 was the best one so i distracted the marshal while Steve squirrelled in - job done!
Great laugh in there, wonderful atmosphere and everyone was up for it - just how it should be.
PAAARP!!! Off we went. The first few miles were a bit crowded, but pace was good... i was however finding it very tough going, right from the start. I was too hot, it was really quite muggy after the rain. Steve was chomping at the bit and i was struggling to get close to 8mms so i basically waved him on and chilled out a bit. I never saw him again.
SO started off too fast - check. What now? Well i chilled for a bit but i was still knocking out 8:30-8:40s, though i also noted my GPS was running a bit long so it was prolly a bit closed to 3:55 pace. Anyways i recovered ok and the longer the race went on the stronger i felt.
GVH shouty man and daughter GVH Helen at mile 9 or so... great job guys!!xxx
Tower bridge was great
Holy crap the crowds were immense again - the damp start hadn't kept them away.
I thought i'd missed my family & inlwas after i passed the 18m marker when they said they would be at about 17.5. They did however shout me so i doubled back just so the kids could see me as they were looking starie eyed into the crowsd and they obviosuly couldnt see me. Have to make the effort for the supporters!!!
I was feeling good again so started making a bit of an effort. I know i normally just push the last 4 miles, but yeah why not push the last 6... its all training on how to run these things after all!!
Very strong finish. Very happy! Again managed to harness the power that doing this produces, a bit like a feedback loop. Does this make sense???
Nealry forgot the awesome GVH support at 23 and a bit... chuffing fantastic!! I was already rocking at this point so yeah propper buzzing high fives as i thundered past! Cheers all!!
It was a lot busier than in previous years, and i was having a little trouble overtaking especially when i speeded up at the end.
Very happy though to finally get over the line in 3:46:02
Met up with the family
Then we headed to team GOSH to see if we could catch up with Steve Reeve but he had already gone! Turns out he smashed his pb with a 3:41:08... good boy!
My bro' was a patient age 0 at Great Ormond Street, hence why i ran for them this year (with my club place!). If you feel you would like to donate here is the link! xx
Very quick (free) beer in the Doric Arch with the mighty GVH.
Looks like you had fun!
Then out to GBK for a (free) cheesburger and beer for dinner :o)
Oh yeah the free beer was London Pride from the expo goody bag and the GBK offer was a london marathon special for medal holders :o)
...andy what a goody bag...  full tin of anti perspirant deoderant, big bar of chokkies, rewally impressed!
Well done to everyone who ran yesterday, whether you got the time you were after or not - you are all w1nners xx
Thanks London you were great, maybe see you next year to make it 5 out of 6!

Any idea what's up with my HRM??? Does that track look normal??
Oooops looks like i must have done something because i can't edit link or images on these blogposts anymore.... anyone else have the same problem?? Pain :o(

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