Gadebridge Parkrun #17 29-08-15

Posted on: 30 Aug 2015

Hectic week at work, made a lot better having help from Clare who took a second week off work after our week away to Gower, a beautiful place, at least when the sun comes out!

50 mile week last week as 6 days a week training continues. 

Tuesday was 4x mile repeats, cheers to Stevo for the welcome company. Happy with  6:15, 6:13, 6:11 & 6:09.

Wednesday 4m Easy

Thursday 8.5m Easy

Friday 8.5m Easy

Sat 4m (this parkrun)

Sun 12m Easy or race 10k (fancy the race to make it a bit different!)


Nice morning for it anyway and met up with Chris & Johnny just before the race i was out of bed shortly after 8:30! Legs a bit stiff after being out late running till about 7pm, but we got going ok. 

Pushed Chris around for a 70s pb, third in a row - awesome job.

I see Martin held off the Bishop (+buggy), but only just, and to be fair he did have to start from the back

Full results HERE


Charlie Broom in attendance + Mandy :o)


Mum and Dad arrived down for the week in the evening!










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