Chiltern League XC #2 - Bedford 8.11.14

Posted on: 08 Nov 2014

Wooo yeah, so nearly decided not to go and do this today, but so glad i made the effort. And boy it was an effort, nearly an hour and a half up the A1, to Kelsoe, an equestrian centre, for some mud and frolics in the rain.

Ladies team attendance record, and very good turn out for the mens team also, not quite a record but probably a record for the most men there early enough to cheer on the women that's for sure! Well done everyone!

Bumped into Travers after a lil' warm up/cheer with Russ & Dean, the nutter's done like 26 marathons in 24 weeks or so, and is planning on doing his 100th at Boston. Fair play.
Start was great, us all thundering off downhill, that sound i just love that sound.
The course was 3 laps (2 for the ladies), pretty flat grass/mud with a beautiful little water obstacle about halfway round, and the obligatory uphill finish.
Started off a little quick, and thought i'd definitely pay for it a bit later on. Russ pulled/pushed me round for most of it, until the third lap and the rain came down... and yeah proper rain like last week in Stevenage... a deluge of biblical proportions to be sure
Pulled a few peeps in over the last half lap including a D&T runner. Mad cheering on of Bob as i was catching (and so was everyone else) as we were into the last 200m!!! The D&T bloke was too quick for me though in the sprint finish.
Tbh well chuffed with my splits 7:15, 7:27, 7:54, 7:01, 7:39 & 0.3 miles @ 5:58 to finish.
Dylan's chocolate tiffin was fabulous & i produced a more healthy banana & prune cake, a runner's world recipe made with wholemeal flour :o)
More chuffed that i actually made the effort and burned all them calories. Well done everyone results will appear here.
Didn't make it to the Steam Coach for a pint, but i'm afraid that there is no such thing as a single pint :P

Long run tomorrow if i'm not in a wheelchair :o)

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