Bearbrook 10k 09-08-2015

Posted on: 09 Aug 2015

Chris arrived Saturday evening, and we chilled out and ate fajitas and drank a couple of my flavoured ciders, had a good chat about our Bournmouth marathon plans etc. He was up here as his good lady had invited the girls round to stay over and there was no room for him...  hehe

According to my plan I was due to do 18 miles and as this coincided with one of my favourite races, the BB10k, i had the good idea (beginners luck!) of running the 10k course 3 times... twice at LSR pace and the last one give it some beans, totalling 18+ miles.

It all went according to plan and we got a super car parking spot, said hello to the race director and the multitude of marshals, used the potty, grabbed our numbers and pretty soon we were off.

After the first lap we bumped into international marathon man, Mark Travers, who now is trying to do a marathon in every county of the country (he has already completed an A-Z :) His 100th marathon was Boston this year.. blimey :o)

Dave Wise showed up too, the Mighty GVH's press secretary, good to see you dave, hope it goes well on Wednesday!!

Off we toddled, lap 2, nothing much to report, a few more marshals were appearing around the course, and we got back in time to don our running numbers, another potty break and head out to the start.


The course is great, i think a pb course, it has 4 miles gently uphill (so gentle you don't  really notice it) from Aylesbury rugby club and heading along up to Wendover, where you do a left and head up the hill to RAF Halton. It doesn't last long but it is definitely uphill. Another little climb of about 300 yards or so before you turn left and begin the delicious downhill for 2 miles back to the rugby club..

I forgot to reset the watch after lap 2 so it has recorded as one big run. The third lap was a bit more crowded, and i was going for it. I set off fast and held up pretty good, but the hills slowed me down a little. After the turn for home however i came alive and immediately banged in a sub 6, followed by 6:13mm for the last full mile. Very happy with 3rd GVH in 41:20, a comeback pb.

The ladies grabbed the team prize, great job!

Chris soldiered around the third lap in 57:41, marathon pace so well done to him too.

The winner (Anuradha Cooray again), won in a new course record of 29:53, golly. Full results HERE.

Goodybag was a load of carbs and a blue Bearbrook 10k Towel, just like the white one from a few years ago. Thanks Bearbrook, again a great event. Toilet situation was much better this year :o)

1st in last out

Roast dinner and a couple of deserved Tetleys and i'm ready for my bed. Hope your weekend was as action packed.


edit: oooopsie! D&T ladies actually won the team prize, turns out they all didnt use exactly the same name and it wasn't spotted by the computer guy! Unlucky ladies x




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