The new is LIVE!

Posted on: 21 Apr 2017

You may have noticed that things have changed somewhat around here! Yes, the new has launched and we’re hoping you find it meets your expectations.

As with any site re-launch we know there may be some issues. We are in the process of bringing across all your blog and other content - and with many of thousands of users - this will take us some time.

You may find that some of your content, such as your blog or blog comments, are not yet available on the new site, but rest assured they are perfectly safe and we’ll get them online for you as soon as we can, so bear with us.

If you are experiencing any problems using the new site, we’d ask that you post your issues in the comments below. We’ll be monitoring this page to fix any issues you report, and by keeping all the comments in one place you’ll be able to see if your issue has already been reported by another person, in which case we’ll already be aware of it.

We can’t promise that we will be acknowledging every comment with an individual response (especially if there are a lot!) but we can assure you the team will have an eye on this blog and acting upon the issues you report. If you post your issues below instead of individually contacting us - often to report the same issues - this will save Kirstie, myself and the rest of the team from a bulging inbox of duplicate issues.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience. We’ll have everything up and running for you so you can get on with making the most of the new site.

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