Catch up time once again

Posted on: 05 May 2017

A big fat sorry from me for not posting for absolutely ages but a combination of life events and not too much to write about hasn’t seen me on here for a number of months. Right time for a bit of a catch up.



Finally went skiing and absolutely loved it. Fourteen of us went for a long weekend to Les Gets in France to celebrate a 50th birthday and we had a fantastic time but as the saying goes what goes on tour stays on tour, the only downside was that everything was so damned expensive. Decided to give a spring marathon a miss this year but started training with my regular running buddies who were training for London. The running was going well despite those threshold sessions being so tough that I decided to enter a half, Taunton at the beginning of April seemed to tick all the boxes.



A nice early birthday came my way from Mrs M and the kids, just after the England v Wales rugby match they gave me tickets for myself and 3 friends to go to the England v Italy match at the end of the month. Brilliant. However things didn’t quite go to plan but please if you don’t read any further than this never ever buy tickets through VIAGOGO. Long story short we are still in dispute with them some 10 weeks after the event. The running did go a bit a wry with all the marathoners picking up some sort of injury or other during the month and as a result the threshold runs gradually went by the way side. They are so tough to do on your own. I did however manage to run my local park run for the first time, thanks for the kick up the backside Liz.



Saw me hit the big 50 at the beginning of the month and I was spoilt rotten, meals out, surprise house party (that I’m still recovering from) and a trip to see Elbow who were simply brilliant. Despite the threshold runs still not featuring the running was still going ok and with the exception of the week that featured my birthday mileage and the long runs were increasing.



The beginning of the month saw a return to the local park run this time as a volunteer. The running club had taken over the marshalling of the event. Great to be able to give something back and if you haven’t done so before I strongly advise giving it a go. The Sunday saw me make the trip to Taunton for the half. I really enjoyed it a small but perfect half that you could tell was run by runners for runners and not by some nameless company that was trying eek out every penny. Plenty of free parking close to the race HQ good changing and showering facilities very well marshalled and very well organised, and all for £24. The run itself was relatively flat with a few undulations although the new section towards the end of the run did throw up 2 small climbs that were big enough just to slow the pace somewhat. Overall I was pleased with the run although slightly disappointed that I didn’t get closer to a pb . The mile splits ranged from 6.53 for mile 3 ( to quick at the start again) to 7.24 for mile 11 and a finish time of 1:34:20.

Then it was up to London, what a very special weekend it was. I travelled up on the Friday with a group from the running club, we’d rented a house in Eltham for the weekend. Up early on the Saturday morning, 5 miles in the bag before a spot of Park Run tourism at the very local Greenwich run. Had a good run and managed a pb 20:54 on a flatter than flat course and another 2 miles back. A trip to the expo was next on the cards and despite not running just walking through that arch was enough to get the hairs on the back of the neck standing up. What a buzz. Whilst all the runners were resting up I popped over to Blackheath to see the local rugby team take on the mighty Plymouth Albion. A great way to spend the afternoon, sunshine, good beer and a great win.

And to Sunday I was up and out before the rest of the house had stirred. I got to Blackheath just after 7:30 and it was just so quite, the calm before the storm if you like and I absolutely loved it. You couldn’t help but walk around with a smile on your face. There they were the 2 legends that are Vin and HD. As always it was great to catch up with old friends but all too soon the big man was dishing out those hugs before heading off on the next step of his challenge. Vin and I watched HD disappear into the masses before heading off in our separation directions. I managed to catch up with my housemates both the runners and the support crew, before heading to mile 6. We found a great spot and managed to see all our club runners but I missed HD. Then it was time to head to mile 22.5 which I some how managed with out getting lost, although I was fortunate to literally bump into to Nick as I came out of Tower Gateway station. Mile 22.5  what a special place normally just a home for some miserable old speed camera not today, today it was a home for legends, hero’s and people I’m fortunate to call friends. It was so good to meet up and what an atmosphere. Plenty of looks, plenty of nods, plenty of winks, plenty of words of wisdom, we’d all been there. What a reaction when each and every buzzer came into view, absolutely electric.

Ah then there was Union Jack club what fantastic place that is so much history, so many hero’s, so fitting. At last a chance to meet Mrs H what a lady, what a pleasure. It was whilst I was stood at the bar and looked over at Real Buzz corner the laughter, the chatter, the smiles, today was a very special day and to quote ‘your great you are’.

So what’s next. Well next weekend I’ve entered the Hope 24 hour run. Basically you run as many 5 mile loops of a local country estate as you want in 24 hours. My main reason for doing this one is to support one of my running buddies Bev, she’s doing 5 challenges in memory of her close friend who passed away at 47 after a very short illness. She ran London, is completing a 6 mile open water swim, a 100 mile bike ride and has entered a full iron man triathalon. I’m going to be so far out of my comfort zone its not true, not enough miles in my leg, never run with a head torch before the list goes on.

But hey you’ve got to challenge yourself once and a while.

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