Tackling the Old Horseshoe

Posted on: 21 Jul 2017

In between watching hours of Wimbledon and Le Tour, I’ve been managing to fit in a few rides myself in order to build up my climbing legs on the bike.

I’ve opted to take a few consecutive Wednesday’s off in order to get some extra miles on the road in. It breaks up the week nicely and means that it’s like being back in the 1970s and working a two-day week, well kind of, as it happens twice a week!

Recently I tackled a tricky climb. For those familiar with North Wales, it known as the Old Horseshoe and is an alternative to the more modern Horsehoe Pass. It’s 0.9 mile climb and at it’s worst point, it’s around 19-20% incline and averages around 13.3%, whereas the new Horseshoe doesn't get much past 10%, and is longer but much less of a challenge.

We’d also taken on the World's End climb in the same area - which is a bit challenging, hitting over 25% in parts. These are the sort of crazy climbs that a few years ago would have found me wearing out my cleats as I walked up the steeper sections, but it’s pleasing that the climbs that once held such fears can finally be tackled head on, so long as the weather allows.

You certainly wouldn’t want to attempt to tackle the Old Horsehoe on a greasy surface as your back wheel would be spinning and you’d have no traction. For anyone looking for a challenge I’d most definitely recommend this one to put on your cycling bucketlist.

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