Maximum training mileage

Posted on: 23 Sep 2017

Hello Realbuzzers 😀


What's this, another blog already? Well, I said I'd try and keep more up to date and this one still probably won't be much shorter 😂😂 


I thought I'd got my brilliant new AS meds sorted for all the challenges this year. I have to inject myself every two weeks and this seemed to fit in brilliantly with every single challenge. About 10 days post jab, I start to feel the effects wearing off and the old pains start to make a return (not as bad as before but enough to be a real bother) although this has improved in the last couple of months and they seem to be lasting about 12 days now. So, to avoid these 'wearing off days' clashing with the next challenge, the only thing I had to do was bring them back a few hours at a time for the last couple of months so that I could take them the day before we fly to Morocco....... or so I thought! Two weeks ago I discovered that when doing that calculation, I'd turned two pages of the calendar at once so if I carried on, I'd be taking them 9 days before the challenge - not a good plan 😬 So a rapid readjustment has had to be made. This time I waited an extra two days for my jab and will have to do the same next time if things are to work at their best, so I knew this wasn't going to be the most comfortable week ever or the one with anywhere enough sleep 😕


Gym on Tuesday and as usual, lacking good proprioception because of the hypermobility, I totally overdid things and was pretty sore on Wednesday. So, I decided to cut all the hedges along the wildflower meadow next to our house (sounds grander than it really is) to loosen up. It helped at the time 😂😂 By Thursday morning I was pretty stiff and sore so off I went down to the Open Space and spent all afternoon pulling up an invasive water weed. I should explain that resting and hurting is not an option for me, doing something and hurting is far better - I'd rather have pain of my own creation than just sit there and have my bones inflict it one me 😂😂 


Back to back training was back on the cards this week since the ankle had settled pretty well again, so on Thursday evening after dinner, off we went into the dark on leg one. After half a mile or so, the old bones began to ease up a bit plus getting on the training gear always makes me feel better - it's like taking on a different persona where I feel much stronger 😊 We took a familiar route but did it backwards for a change, so off down the village to the canal and a long dark stretch to Woking and beyond before turning back and returning along the A320. The A320 is a very busy road indeed but at least half of it isn't too bad as the footpath is separated from the road by a thin ribbon of woodland. I must admit that going along the canal, for whatever reason, I felt quite unsettled. Maybe it was the groups of youths drinking beer and smoking who knows what we saw at at the various locks and road bridges who just stared as we went past. Made me feel like a target even though Richard was right by my side (It's only a few weeks since some poor chap was murdered on that stretch of canal - reason unknown 😬). It brought some comfort to know that we were probably walking faster than they could run and that if there was any 'funny business', I could blind them by turning my ridiculously powerful head torch on and blinding them  😂😂 When we were on the last leg, just going through the village before ours, we were walking along the main road lost in thought when one of the passing cars full of young lads absolutely screamed at us. It wasn't just boyish yelling, it was intended to alarm and it certainly worked because it was so sudden that even Richard was pretty shocked by it too. I can well understand why people don't like training in the dark, especially alone 😕 Anyway, 10.4 miles in 2:47 (plus a couple of minutes retrying bootlaces), so done at a decent clip despite being physically knackered so happy with that. The ankle was a bit sore by the end because of the pace so I must admit I wasn't looking forward to what we had planned for the next day!


I managed just over three hours of sleep (in very small chunks) on Thursday night and must admit that yesterday morning, the last thing I felt like was walking again but this is how it's could be in three weeks time so good training indeed! Richard slept in a bit and by the time we got underway it was gone 11am. Head torches packed as week knew we wouldn't get back home in daylight. Today was about time on the feet, not pace and what a beautiful day it was for walking - warm and sunny here down south 😊 We did one of our favourite local walks from home, along the canal and Wey Navigation to the Thames then up the Thames Path to Runnymede then back again. Within the first hour we saw a pair of Kingfishers on the opposite side of the canal - always gladdens the heart 😊 A good mix of tarmac and trail made sure that the ankle stayed achy pretty much all day but at least it didn't get any worse and that's a great positive sign 😀 We'd planned 15 minute stops along the way to fuel up and that worked out perfectly as well! The ice cream van wasn't in its usual Thames-side location though - what, no White Magnums??? Couldn't be having that so we took a minor diversion into Staines town centre to satisfy the Magnum lust 😂😂 There's a good cafe at Runnymede so another short break and a lovely cup of fresh tea before turning around and heading back. Our last stop was where we'd had our first one - by now the sun was getting pretty low and the breeze was getting a bit chilly, but it was time for another sarnie. By the time I'd eaten it I really did feel quite chilled, so on with the merino sleeves and a thin top layer. Richard kept having to remind me to slow down - all I wanted to do was move faster to warm up! This walk always ends with the same old long drawn out uphill - not fun at all but we kept the pace up and got home almost bang on 8pm as planned. 26.5 miles in the bag in a walk time of 7:40 plus 66 minutes of breaks and wildlife watching (well, there were grebes, buzzards and cormorants to watch as well as interesting plants to look at 😊). Pacing was pretty consistent throughout so we were both really pleased with that and it's certainly given the confidence a boost.


So, that's the biggest mileage week done and dusted now and just a few more shorter steadier walks before it's time to taper 😀 We marshalled at Parkrun this morning which was great, but I must admit Parkrun next week is going to pretty special - can't wait for Fulham 😀😀😀


One last thing before I go - I'm curious to know if has anyone heard of/suffer from exercise induced vasculitis? It's a harmless but irritating thing - horrible red rash that's both itchy and burns that develops on bare skin (particularly in warm and/or humid weather on the lower legs, especially above the sock line) when you spend hours running, walking or exercising. For ages I thought it was chafing of some kind and now I find it's inflammation of tiny small blood vessels in the skin. Mind you, it seems to affect us old gimmers over 50 more so Dr Google says 😂😂


Massive good luck to our three legends tomorrow in Ely - HD and Sir Bolty in the Marathon and to Lady Bolty in the Half. Have a great week and happy training everyone 😊😊

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