Another Brick In The Wall of Fame

Posted on: 14 Nov 2017

Over the years at realbuzz (that’s more than a dozen years now and counting for me) I’ve witnessed so many amazing feats achieved by you buzzers. From achievements of sheer bloodymindedness in the face of adversity to amazing multiple efforts of endurance, I’ve continually been wowed at what you all continue to pull off.

For this reason we decided upon the idea of setting up the Wall of Fame in order to give due recognition to those of you who continue to do such marvellous things. But it’s not just about doing, it’s also about giving, especially to your fellow buzzers.

I think the Wall of Fame is perfectly summed up by Hollywood Dave, fresh completing his amazing marathon challenges who was one of the first to be awarded his rightful place on the Wall, and with it the special T-shirt that we give to all who make it onto there. He said : “Huge honour to receive this t shirt from A gift that comes from the heart. It has to be earned, it is not given lightly, it has to be fought for over many different challenges. It’s not all about running or walking either, you also need to help others along their own journeys too."

realbuzz Wall of Fame

And that’s about it in a nutshell. What makes the realbuzz community unique is that spirit of togetherness and willingness to drive each other on to bigger and better things. All of you have that spirit in spades, so much so that we could have picked more than 10 of you for the first batch to make it onto the Wall of Fame.

Just because you didn’t make it onto the Wall this time round doesn’t mean that we haven’t noted what you’ve achieved. We’re all aware of what you lot have all been up to, and I personally make an effort to read as many of your blogs as possible, and if you’re very lucky I might even grace you with a comment!

Over the coming months we’ll be watching very closely what you are all up to and we’ll be adding some more deserving buzzers to the Wall - so you’ll be among a very select band of brothers (and sisters). Of course, if we do miss anything significant then by all means let us know. We’ll be guided in part by all you buzzers and I’ll be happy to hear from any of you if you want to nominate anyone for the Wall of Fame.

Until then, just keep challenging yourselves and supporting each other (and blogging about it) to make your achievements bigger and better than anything you’ve done before. And don't forget to check out the Wall of Fame to see who has rightly earned their place so far.  A proud Bolty for one is on there!

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