Little Update

Posted on: 28 Jan 2018

Well it seems that it was a teensy weensy bit early to be feeling too confident in my past few blogs.....

Week 6 is now done and dusted but unfortunately it's not been great.  Monday was the speed session - 5 x 1200 meters.  It started well and I was doing the reps well under target and much quicker than 4 weeks ago when we last did the session.  But in rep 3 I got a sharp pain in the outside of my right hip half way through.  Rep 4 was pretty painful and of course slowed me down.  I was sensible enough to know that rep 5 shouldn't happen as I didn't want to aggravate whatever was wrong.  I left David to finish the session alone and limped home (I couldn't even jog as that was too painful).  I was annoyed with myself as I'm pretty sure it happened because I didn't really warm up for the session.

A quick internet search confirmed that it was likely to be a touch of bursitis (which I've had before a few years ago).  Plenty of ice, ibroprofen, stretching my IT band etc etc and it should be nothing to worry about.

I left my 5 mile tempo run until Thursday to give my hip plenty of time to settle.  However as soon as I set out for the run I knew that I'd have to abandon it.  I did a grand total of 1/4 of a mile.  I took the view that it was better to miss one 5 mile run than to cause further damage.  So I got back on the treatment and prayed that I'd be OK for the weekend long run.  The long runs are the most important and I don't want to miss any of them if at all possible.

I decided to try my long run (15 miles) yesterday (Saturday).  It was a bit strange to get ready for the run having no idea what was going to happen and whether I'd even be able to run 1 mile let alone 15!  I remembered some advice that I'd had from a physio years ago: if the pain is between 1 and 3 on a scale to 10 then it's OK to run; if it goes higher be careful; and if it reaches 6/7 or more then stop.  So that's what I had in mind when I set off.  I plotted a route that meant I had lots of options to cut the run short if need be.

The hip was much, much better and I could physically run which was a good start!  It was definately making itself known but at around a scale of 2.  The run was sloooooow but I also reminded myself that I am chilled about the pace of long runs at the moment so speed didn't matter.

By around mile 9 I was still going but the pain was definately a 3 and knocking on a 4.  It was uncomfortable running for the next 6 miles but not unbearable.  I was more concerned about causing damage so was keeping a close eye on myself.  I can't say that I was enjoying myself that's for sure!

I saw David when I was at mile 12 (he'd started much later than me and went the opposite way round the route so was on mile 3 himself).  By now I'd ran out of water and was finding the run very tough indeed.  It was lovely to see him though and have a drink of his water!

'Only a park-run to go' as they say.  (I hate it when people say that in marathons!! A park-run is a bloody long way after you've been running for 23 miles!!)

I knew that I had a very nasty long hill in mile 13 and boy did that hurt! Not helped by the fact that the street was cobbled.  I shuffled my up it with the grace and finesse of a very old woman!

My last couple of miles home were definately more of a limp than a run but I made it - 15 miles in the marathon miles bank.  I've been feeling disappointed since by the run as it was slow and was hard. It's only writing this that I realise that I should be proud of myself that I got out and finished it despite being in such discomfort.    Also every single long run I'm doing during this training plan is the longest I've run for about one and a half years so it's hardly surprising that it's going to hurt sometimes.

I'm still pretty confident that with some TLC my hip will be OK soon.  And on that note I should go and do some stretching.

17 miles next week - eek!!

Now to catch up on what everyone else has been up to....

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