Week 4 - a step back

Posted on: 12 Feb 2018

Hi buzzers, I hope you've all had a good week of running. My week has been a bit mixed, my hip is acting up and I have had a feeling that I'm starting to get a cold. Because of this I started the week with two rest days, only stretching of the hip and gluteus to get them on the right track again. I also decided to skip the speed session this week, to allow some more rest. Also the speed work seems to irritate the hip more than regular running. So only 2 runs this week, instead of 3 as the plan said.

On Wednesday I went to a class of Yin Yoga, to get even more stretching done. It was basically lying down for 45 mins, while stretching so not very challenging. It turns out I'm pretty flexible considering I've mostly done running the last few years. I'll try and go to this class again this week, I think it is good for me. I had plans to run a little on the treadmill after yoga but still felt like a cold was coming so decided to rest instead. 

On Thursday there were still no cold so planned to go to circuit training in the afternoon, but a meeting at work got dragged out so missed it. Instead I left work a little earlier than usuall and went for a run. And when I left home it was not completely dark yet even though it was 17:20! That made me so happy, better times really are coming. =) 

Rest on Friday, then I should have tail walked at parkrun but we had to cancel due to an icy course so instead I spent my morning watching the xcountry skiing at the olympics. Very happy that we got a swedish gold medal. =) 

Sunday was long run day, I started with some olympic skiing again, had a nice breakfast, then still felt hungry so made some pancakes. Then I watched the biathlon before I got out. I'm a pro at postpone my runs, I never get out when planned. Today I got punished a bit for it. My run started out ok, the weather was windy and a little cold but still managable. Ran out to the sea, met some people walking and everything was nice. Running felt ok, held a good pace around my planned marathon pace. Then at half way it started snowing. Now snowing can be nice, but not when it's windy. It seemed to come from all around so no matter in which direction I was running (or plodding at this time since I could no longer see the icy patches) it was in my face. Had to get that robber look again, like last week haha. =D

But the only way to get out of this horrible weather was to keep running, there were no shortcut home so I kept going. The pace dropped a little but not as much as you might think. I managed 13,2 km at a time of 1 hour 40 mins, so pretty much the same as last week. The pace was also pretty much the same, around 7:35 mins/km.

I can't say I moved forward this week, but I adjusted the plan to my current situationto try and avoid injury. I also tried the tennisball trick suggested by Maxine the other week, it was painful but felt ok. The day after I thought my hip felt weird, but after a few hours I realized it was because I was not in pain. No niggle, nothing. My dodgy hip has become my normal, I've had it like this for almost a year. The niggle did come back in the evening but now I know something that could really help me, in combination of a few more visits to the physio. 

I'll try and get 3 runs done this coming week, but as always it will be a day to day decision. Have a good one people! 

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